Welcome to MILKBOY.TV

From its humble beginnings as a small studio in North Philly, MilkBoy has grown to serve the Greater Philadelphia area in many ways. Quality recordings, live music, great food, and good times are the life blood of this Philly enterprise. Click a logo below to learn more about what MilkBoy has to offer.

Having just moved from Ardmore to a space of legendary proportions in Center City, newly-branded MilkBoy The Studio is well equipped to provide high quality audio for a wide range of clients.

Nearing one year of operation, MilkBoy Philly's only dilema is how not to push the envelope of hip too far. It's a great place to hang and a awesome venue to catch a show.

Philadelphia's very own fan-funding platform serves as a bridge between artists and the fans who give them the support they need to succeed.